Framework7 Tools & Templates

Framework7 Tools

Framework7 CLI
Framework7 CLI
Official Framework7 CLI provides flexible and up to date way to start app development
Visual Web App Creator, offers full visual Framework7 builder
Thorium Builder
Native macOs app - full visual Framework7 app builder

Community Starter Apps & Templates

Telefones Úteis
Emergency access tool for quick access to emergency services and other public utility numbers, private numbers and others you wish.
Hacker News Reader powered by Framework7 which is based on the Official Hacker News API
The simplest core template possible
Simplest Framework7 Template
It doesn't get any simpler than this. Just the basics with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Good for beginners.
Get all Facebook Photos
v3Facebook API
Facebook API JavaScript SDK get all Albums and Photos
Get all Facebook albums and photos with its API.
F7 Parcel
Framework7 Parceljs starter app
Framework7 starter app template bundle up by parcel
App Framework
App Framework combines great pieces of open source code to support your whole workflow with useful scripts and your app with powerful plugins
F7 Vue Webpack Cordova
F7 - Vue - Webpack - Cordova
Framework7 - Vue - Webpack Cordova Template with Webpack Dev Server and Hot Module Replacement
A real-time chat application built on top of Vue.js, Framework7 and PubNub Service.
Weather7 Material
Weather webapp that demonstrates how easy to create fully functioning Material app with Framework7
Fresh Tomatoes
Angular 1.xv1
Fresh Tomatoes
This is a demo application will list upcoming and current movies from theaters and give you detailed information.
CanJS Issue Tracker
CanJS Issue Tracker
Example project with CanJS and Framework7. The project highlights how the 2 frameworks can be combined.
HiApp is a demo app to show how to use Framework 7 to build a hybrid app. HiApp is also a part of Hiliao, which is a real working web app.